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Success Stories

  • Dancer Hip Pain permanently resolved.
  • Skater Cumulative Injuries Now performing at highest level.
  • Mom ​Confident that Matrix will solve injuries for whole family.
  • Hockey Player Concussions Resolved Now able to play the game he loves.
  • Pro Soccer Player/Coach Vertigo, Neck Injuries Now, feels 10 years younger!
  • Nurse, Registered Massage Therapist Told she could not work anymore due to Back and Neck pain now she is a Matrix Practitioner!
  • Scheduled for Total Hip Replacement. X-rays prove hip is now normal after MR treatment.
  • Knee Pain now 85% better.
  • Baby with major structural imbalance. Now healthy and happy!
  • Low Back Pain. Told he could no longer work. Now pain free.
  • Head Injuries Now Drug-Free!